erifying Identity

Your Source for Verification Services



Whether you are required to be fingerprinted by a government agency or for employment, Voir Dire International, LLC will ensure that your paperwork is in order, take your fingerprints, process the request, and have you on your way quickly and efficiently. 


Credit and Criminal Histories

In today's security-conscious work environment, over 90% of employers routinely conduct criminal background checks as part of their pre-employment screening process. Whether you are the employer or candidate, we will provide a fast and secure way of obtaining the information you need.

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International Investigations

Voir Dire International provides intelligence subject matter expertise regarding operations, analysis, training and other requirements identified by the customer. The company is staffed by a team of subject matter experts with knowledge, skills and abilities in law enforcement, intelligence, terrorism, military affairs, force protection and other strategic interests throughout the world with emphasis on Latin America. The team possesses the capacity to provide training and produce analysis, threat assessments, policy papers and development of transparency, rule-of-law, ethics and institution building projects and consultancies. The company has provided threat and risk assessments, security plans and other security assistance to multi-national gold and zinc mining operations in Mexico and a business intelligence analysis to a U.S. based off-road bicycle racing enterprise that allowed the company to determine whether or not to invest in Mexico. The company also served as an intelligence consultant to a New Jersey-based technology client and developed new intelligence business lines on their behalf including internal affairs, intelligence collection through the fusion of cell phone intercept systems with other technology and other big data collection and analysis functions.


Document Reviews and Preparation

We are trained professionals who can examine documents relevant to litigation and regulatory investigations. These may include memos, decks, spreadsheets, and other files.

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Immigration/Asylum Expert Witness

Mr. Hale has testified as a Subject Matter Expert for asylum cases in federal immigration courts in Dallas and Houston, Texas. His testimony covered the loss of governance and rule of law in Mexico and the implications of Mexican government acquiescence to power sharing with non-government entities as it relates to the United Nations Convention Against Torture (CAT) of 1984.

What We Do

Voir Dire International, LLC offers client services that include the development of intelligence requirements at the tactical, operational, strategic, and policy levels. Our team also specializes in the collection of information and technical data using all sources and methods.

We innovate, create, develop, and conduct research and analysis, perform assessments and studies, and publish articles, profiles, reports, books, policy papers, and other documents. Additionally, we provide geographic information and help you with:

  • Mapping
  • Cartography
  • Geolocation
  • Tracking
  • Monitoring and Modeling Services
  • Digital Forensics
    • Telephonic and Computer Data Extraction and Exploitation
    • Voice Comparisons and Voice Fingerprinting
    • Video and Imagery Enhancement

Voir Dire International, LLC also develops doctrine and curriculum and conducts training on all products and services, performs institution-building activities, and maintains and manages domestic and foreign proposals and other related activities.

We will serve as a specialist, operator, examiner, general contractor, provider, re-seller, broker, agent, program manager, or consultant of/for equipment, supplies, properties, assets, and other services needed by our clients, including performing international advocacy, representation, and liaison in furtherance of the business activity.